TAEYEON 태연 'Fine' MV
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TAEYEON 태연 'Fine' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment

  • Devendra Singh
    Devendra Singh

    I love this song

  • Anwesha biswas
    Anwesha biswas


  • dancing machine
    dancing machine

    Really touched

  • Maruthi Transports
    Maruthi Transports

    I am an army but I liked this song so much so I came to listen

  • abcxyz


  • Shami Jaya
    Shami Jaya

    71 439 185

  • 황준수


  • °•°All_My_Løve_Is_GØNE•°•°


  • °•°All_My_Løve_Is_GØNE•°•°

    *You still fill my days~*

  • °•°All_My_Løve_Is_GØNE•°•°

    *It's not fine~*

  • nic player
    nic player

    2nd August 2021... Quarantine day 2 #stay safe #covid19

  • Ishita Arora
    Ishita Arora


  • Mehak dhiman
    Mehak dhiman

    Please don't hate her she is doing so hardwork

  • Mehak dhiman
    Mehak dhiman

    Her voice just filled my world I love her 💗💕❤

  • cutie :)
    cutie :)

    You don't need to stan her for listening this song 🌚

  • gon vander
    gon vander

    I can't move on to this song, it's just so painful

  • gon vander
    gon vander

    people didn't heard this song is completely missed how painful this song was

  • Yubi Jane
    Yubi Jane

    I like it

  • afroz unnisa
    afroz unnisa

    Only my heart can understand this lyrics

  • Tin Stay
    Tin Stay

    After listening to it, now I'm not fine huhuhu. I love you Queen Taeyeon

  • GenIUs Army  Stay midzy shawool txt engene sunoo
    GenIUs Army Stay midzy shawool txt engene sunoo

    I love this song

  • Ab Bitu Bitu
    Ab Bitu Bitu

    She don’t sing she tell us everything, every pain but we never understand it

  • Ddsr Sam
    Ddsr Sam

    Wow she sounds heavenly ❤️

  • Ich Bin Deang
    Ich Bin Deang

    Taeyeon I'm not fine your voice is so fine♥

  • Savage Chill
    Savage Chill

    Everyone is in love with this song😍😍

  • Beautiful Army
    Beautiful Army

    الأغنية بالقلب🖤😔

  • Rony Singk
    Rony Singk

    Lets make it 100 million views ❤😊😍

  • Rincy

    This is my first time...but I'm addicted 💥🍒🍒🍒🍒

  • Aaweeza Malak
    Aaweeza Malak

    You're not here to stream this song but listen to this masterpiece

  • Aaweeza Malak
    Aaweeza Malak

    It's already mid 2021 and I'm still not over this song. And i actually don't want to get over it anyways

  • Itz me linsha
    Itz me linsha

    I don't know the meaning, but i can feel it...

  • kuma kai
    kuma kai

    This is the art that deserves praises.



  • suss

    I pity the ppl who don't know this song, but i hope they found this° coz they won't regret! And this song is meaningful

  • Sreelakshmi K B
    Sreelakshmi K B

    i'll always support you and ur choices. fighting!! Saranghae

  • meli sefiana
    meli sefiana


  • 전은이


  • Fahrudi Prasetyo
    Fahrudi Prasetyo

    she really crying, no need for acting.

  • Shahad albalushi
    Shahad albalushi

    Her voice is everything 🥺🥺🥺

  • Simran Sardar
    Simran Sardar

    Who are this 16k (👎)stupids....I have no words for them......


    I will cry that so amazing 😭😭😭😭

  • Chrystia-_-

    Let's back to why 3 mv

    • NaNa Min ama Tea'yı çok seviyor
      NaNa Min ama Tea'yı çok seviyor


  • NaNa Min ama Tea'yı çok seviyor
    NaNa Min ama Tea'yı çok seviyor

    Spm yedim...

    • Chrystia-_-

      Lütfen ye

  • Chrystia-_-

    Manusia yg sering galau itu aku

  • Kpop W2
    Kpop W2


  • Nee Ti
    Nee Ti

    Can't get over❤️❤️ this song her voice❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aletea Pecson
    Aletea Pecson

    ☺️☺️ July 29

  • baebyshoney

    71,345,039 07/30/21

  • missWinter

    I really hope she will get back will baekhyun 😭 they were such a cute couple im still not over them

  • KPOP Army
    KPOP Army

    I came here cuz I think I heard this song in a drama (but idk what drama it was)

  • Fdl

    This will never get old

  • Jamini Potsangbam
    Jamini Potsangbam

    이 노래를 오래간만에 듣게 되네요 이 노래를 찾다가 노래명을 모르겠어 드디어 찾았네요 히히 이 노래는 천번 듣겠습니다 🤧✋💞🥰💓정말 사랑해요

  • Antonius Ama welan
    Antonius Ama welan

    Aku auka bangat

  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday

    This just hits hard

  • SooRa Byun
    SooRa Byun

    Best song ♡

  • SooRa Byun
    SooRa Byun

    نانن آنياا بابو تشوروم ناميا ~~~

  • SooRa Byun
    SooRa Byun

    إتس نوت فاين أبغى اغنية مثلها بس شكلوا بعمرها مارح تتكرر

  • SooRa Byun
    SooRa Byun

    نشبتي TT

  • umaiyah 82
    umaiyah 82

    😚 support

  • Lucas Domingues
    Lucas Domingues

    I promise myself to never love a guy ever again!

  • Lucas Domingues
    Lucas Domingues

    This song is so sad. People please dont give your hearts to anyone.

  • Shreya's life and hacks
    Shreya's life and hacks

    This song always makes me cry don't know why I loved someone but he is far away from me.....😣😌😔 BTW any army and blink Borahae

  • Wihartian Tian
    Wihartian Tian


  • hafsa aj
    hafsa aj

    I heard it a long time ago and I'm coming back again it's soooooo beautiful

  • Bla Bla bla
    Bla Bla bla

    Love it..

  • Hafsa Gafsa
    Hafsa Gafsa

    Korea's voice ❤️🔥

  • Morning Coffee
    Morning Coffee

    태연이 눈빛 표정보니 연기도 잘 할거같애. 언제 여유있을때 영화도 한 편 찍어줬음 조케땅~ ㅎㅎ


    It's fine not to be fine 😌

  • Rainy. Moodzz
    Rainy. Moodzz

    It's hella iconic!!!! 🌟🌟🌟

  • exol and blink haizen
    exol and blink haizen

    I know u lost Baekhyun,Suli,Go hara,ur dad,jonghyun 😭😢

  • exol and blink haizen
    exol and blink haizen

    I love the song ecen though im an blink army once exo-l

  • ria castro
    ria castro

    Tagal na pala nitong kanta sikat sa tiktok ngayon. Wow

  • Kayyy Hee
    Kayyy Hee

    Can someone tell me who the man in the mv is? Thank you so much!!

  • tea for tae
    tea for tae

    i don't get why she doesn't deserve baekhyun. antis shouldn't be someone who can affect our love for her and neither they ever will be.

  • dlwarama

    Listen to the ACCAPELA of fine. You'll faint

  • Meerab Zaidi
    Meerab Zaidi

    forever iconic

  • A Xrs
    A Xrs


  • Soumya manasa
    Soumya manasa

    i was listening to this song during my class and i started to sing this song while i was unmute and everyone herd me singing and i am hella embarrassed

  • BTS(방탄소년단)


  • احب BTS عندك مانع ؟ Eee
    احب BTS عندك مانع ؟ Eee

    Me too ... I’m not fine

  • Umi Suratmi
    Umi Suratmi

    yeah teyeon fine

  • Rene Fatalla
    Rene Fatalla


  • Athira S Kumar
    Athira S Kumar

    I don't know why iam crying

  • Abigail Puchoc
    Abigail Puchoc


  • Fatima binte mozammel
    Fatima binte mozammel

    Don’t worry you’re not the only one listening to this masterpiece in July

  • pesteng yawa
    pesteng yawa

    Bat ngayon ko lang to nakita haahha isa na siya sa. favorite ko ang ganda ng voice niya heheheh

  • Adam Farrish
    Adam Farrish

    Our snsd baby leader forever

  • Urack

    What.. bangtantv watching this haha


    يماا صوتها حلوو

  • Mee Mee YuWin
    Mee Mee YuWin

    Taeyeon is still beautiful in 2021.

  • Beep Bop
    Beep Bop

    노래 너무 좋다 😭👍

  • meli sefiana
    meli sefiana


  • muufiee

    Exol here

  • Kpop Fangirl
    Kpop Fangirl

    Why the song stop in middle

  • kathlene cabacas
    kathlene cabacas

    Still iconic

  • your name
    your name

    To all those not Taeyeon Stan try listening to her songs like "Time lapse" and "Wine", they're even more heartbreaking.

  • Meera Ravichandran
    Meera Ravichandran

    We got armys blinks exols ahagase moa once and many more here @_@

  • Cherry

    I finally found this song...and damn..the chills i got...

  • Noreen Juaton
    Noreen Juaton

    Why is everyone telling this song is about Baek? I'm a hardcore baekhyun stan but I know for sure this has nothing to do with taeyeon not moving on with their relationship. It's all in the past. Appreciate the song without putting groundless meaning into it. It's such a great song. 🤍🤍

  • Romina 13
    Romina 13